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1019 E Broadway Rd
Tempe, AZ 85282

73 customer reviews
-DC Jones

5 stars.

-emmitt younger
2 Days Ago

5 stars.

-Rob Bell
1 Month Ago

4 stars.

-Jackie Crawley
1 Month Ago

5 stars.

-black magic
2 Months Ago

5 stars.

2 Months Ago

Very kind people who work at this place and they are also very helpful! Good deal on the price and located at a convenient location near a hardware store.

-Linda S.
2 Months Ago

Highly recommend Allstate Self-Storage. Very friendly and excellent prices. Very clean and well run self-storage facility. Close to ASU.

-Allen Sakiestewa
3 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Maiya Kohlenberg
7 Months Ago

Great staff, great security, close to ASU campus

-Sharjil Khawaja
7 Months Ago

Great staff and great prices.

-ME Baker
7 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Matt Davis
8 Months Ago

5 stars.

-pd day
8 Months Ago

5 stars.

-Rachel Garippa

Always so nice!!!

-Maya M

Pete was very helpful when setting up my storage unit and helped me move a table I was having trouble carrying! Phenomenal service!

-Broomfield Eric

They have the nicest manager Doug. He is helpful, kind and considerate. Truly a nice person and professional.

-Chris Casias

I just closed my storage unit from them but was happy with my time there. A couple issues I had was, 1) the inside units still got pretty warm/hot, even with the blowers and 2) the hours were kind of hard to work with. They closed pretty early so I almost never really had an opportunity during the week since they closed by the time I could get to them and on the weekends, they would open late so if I needed something from it I would have to wait or pass on it.

-Terri J.

Very helpful and great customer service

-Jordan De La Rosa

Great place to rent from storage! Did not have a single issue here! Great rates and great location! Would rent here again if I needed a storage!

-Alexandrea Banks

5 stars.

-Margarita C

Staff at the Tempe location is always friendly and helpful.

-Adrian M

5 stars.

-Sam Greenberg

I've used them twice now for storing things over the summer. I've never had anything stolen, and it's easy enough to get into. I didn't use an air conditioned unit. My only comment is that a lot of dust blows into the unit, to the point where my stuff has a thick layer of dust after three months.

-Stephanie Griffaw

Doug was extremely helpful with our last-minute rental. The place has excellent security and is super clean.


I like it doug is laid nack

-Michael Smith

Doug was a Great help. Been there for over 3 years. We're moving another storage to Allstate cause your fees smash " Public Storage". Thanks

-Jason Elkins

My name is Jason and I’m the owner of Arizona Moving Labor. We help people with the muscle they need for loading and unloading U-haul trucks, POD’s containers and storage units. I really enjoy working with Roxy and the team at All State Self Storage in Tempe, they are friendly and helpful and provide exceptional customer service to their clients. We are excited to continue to partner up with them to help their clients with their moving labor needs. Thanks guys for working with us.

-mindy pazsanchez

My unit is to small by 2 feet and that’s takes away almost 25 square foot that I am paying for that I don’t have. However the prices are the cheapest I could find and the staff is super amazing and accommodating.

-Guadalupe V.

Superior customer service and very efficient. Pete was very helpful in completing lease process. Thank you

-Renee M.

Excellent customer service with all staff being very congenial and helpful.

-Ashleigh Loren

Friendly and helpful staff. Nice and convenient storage facility. Best overall rate with second month free promo. Thank you!

-Cooper DeMar Craig

4 stars.

-Gloria Garay

5 stars.

-Jeremy Boe

5 stars.

-Robert Healy

Very professional, very friendly and extremely generous and helpful. I went in and rented a unit and being on a tight schedule, realized that my receiver/hitch ball was missing. The manager went out and removed his hitch and lent it to me for my move. A huge relief and very generous gesture.


5 stars.

-Weed Man

5 stars.

-wendy carswell

5 stars.

-Randy Hill

Friendly staff, great location.

-Lisa Murray

I can find no fault

-Jennifer Ault

A little decrepit. Good prices. Buildings run hot with steel roofing and poor insulation so its really about 85° in the a/c units. Management is friendly and honest

-Patrick Johnston

Friendly Staff and safe location.

-Sandra Valencia

Great job people were very nice and helpful. Everything went fast with no problems. Thanks for making it so easy.

-Mary Buck-Boelter

5 stars.

-Ceres IO

Bought an auction here. Very friendly

-Jeffrey La Belle

5 stars.

-Victoria Brazil

Always secure there. No worries storage happy!

-Sara Rosengren

5 stars.

-Linda Geraci

Great staff, smooth signup process, and a very clean and safe facility!

-Lindee Robinson

These guys are so friendly and helpful. I'd recommend them to anyone. Hands down the best customer service from any storage place I've used.